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Adult Sunday School

Sunday School Overview

Our adult Sunday School program seeks to create Godly men and women with full heads and full hearts. We recognize that disciples of Jesus need more than just book knowledge or feel-good messages, but only flourish through Scripture and the Holy Spirit. Sunday School alone does not meet every need, but learning from other believers is a key component of training ourselves for godliness (1 Timothy 4:7-8).

At ECC we have two kinds of classes: Core Classes and Focused Classes.

Core Classes

Core classes address topics we believe all Christians should engage with to help them train for godliness. These lecture-style classes are offered on a rotating basis and are held in Fellowship Hall.

Focused Classes

These smaller-sized classes explore particular and/or sensitive issues more in-depth than Core Classes do. They are often interactive and may require a degree of vulnerability in those who attend. Focused classes are held in one of our additional classrooms in the modular building behind the church.

Current Adult Sunday School Schedule

(All Sunday School classes meet from 9:15–10:15 a.m.)

Ancient Israel: Behind the Scenes of the Bible

Please join us from January 6 - February 10 for a 6-week series on Ancient Israel's history. This series examines the historical background of every period in Ancient Israel from the patriarchs to the time of Jesus. The authors of the biblical texts assumed their readers knew a lot of this information. But 2,000+ years later, we often do not have a good grasp of the historical world of Ancient Israel that is essential in reading the Bible better. Taught by Michael Lyons. Schedule is subject to change.

1/6, Getting Behind the Scenes of the Bible (audio currently unavailable)

Want to get ready for next Sunday's class on geography? Read through 1 Kings 5, and then 9:26-28. See if you can figure out why was a relationship with Hiram critical for King Solomon to have? How did this relationship benefit Solomon's political power? 

NO Classes on 1/13 & 1/20 owing to weather cancellations.

1/27, Geography & The Land of Israel  Audio

If you want to prepare for next week's class on the Canaanite period, you might find it helpful to read Genesis 12; 41:37-57; Exodus 1; Judges 1-2

2/3, Pre-Israel & The Canaanites  Audio

2/10, The Canaanites & The United Monarchy Audio

2/17, The Divided Monarchy  Audio

2/24, Babylonian & Persian Rule; Hellenistic & Roman Rule

Sunday School Archive

We upload audio recordings of Sunday School classes to our website shortly after each week's service. You can listen to our older recordings and download handouts (when available) by going to our Archive.