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Who Can Forgive Sins?

January 12, 2014 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture: Mark 2:1–2:12

Who Can Forgive Sins?
Mark 2:1-12
January 12, 2014


I. The faith of four friends. Mark 2:1-4

II. The audacious claim of forgiving sins. Mark 2:5

III. Enter the Scribes. Mark 2:6-12

IV. Divine logic. Mark 2:8-12

For Reflection:
• The four friends provide a commendable example of bringing someone to Jesus. Can you think of one or two people you might reach out to in the coming week? How might you show similar determination and sacrifice in bringing your friend(s) to Jesus?
• Why is Jesus’ declaration that the paralytic’s sins are forgiven such an audacious claim?
• Does Jesus dispute the logic or back away from His claim to forgive sins? How does Jesus respond to the change of blasphemy?
• How are we spiritually like the paralytic?
• Jesus points to the man’s ultimate need to have his sins forgiven. What do people outside the church think about sin and the need for forgiveness today?

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