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Jesus Explodes Old Categories

January 26, 2014 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture: Mark 2:18–3:6

Jesus Explodes Old Categories
Mark 2:18-3:6
January 26, 2014


I. The question concerning fasting. Mark 2:18-20

II. Two illustrations. Mark 2:21-22

III. A collision over Sabbath keeping. Mark:2:23-28

IV. The hard-heartedness of the Pharisees exposed. Mark 3:1-6

Questions for Reflection:
• How is Jesus like ‘new wine’?
• In what ways does Jesus claim to have divine authority?
• If the Sabbath was meant to be a gift to humanity, what might be the blessing we miss out on
by not keeping the Sabbath?
• Ideally, what might Sabbath keeping look like in my life and the life of my family?
• How do the Pharisees serve as a cautionary tale for us?

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