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A Sad Case Study

April 27, 2014 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture: Mark 6:14–6:29

A Sad Case Study
Mark 6:14-29
April 27, 2014


I. More opinions concerning Jesus. Mark 6:14-15

II. John confronts Herod with his sin. Mark 6:17-18

III. The king is intrigued by John’s message. Mark 6:19-21

IV. Trapped by an oath and his fear of man. Mark 6:26

V. The window of opportunity closes. Mark 6:27-28; Luke 23:8-11

Questions for reflection:
• Why do you think Herod was both ‘perplexed’ by John the Baptist and at the same time,
‘heard him gladly’?
• What were the character flaws in Herod that resulted in his killing John when in fact he knew John to be a holy man unworthy of death?
• How might the fear of what others think effect how we live? What is the most effective way to combat the temptation to be a ‘man-pleaser’?
• Why do you think Jesus didn’t take one last opportunity to evangelize Herod when Jesus stood before him after His arrest?
• We can imagine the sorrow and confusion of John’s followers at his death. If you were asked, “Why would a good and loving God allow one of the greatest saints ever to die at the whim of an evil queen?” how would you answer?

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