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Dogs, Crumbs, and the Age to Come

May 25, 2014 Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture: Mark 7:24–7:37

Dogs, Crumbs, and the Age to Come
Mark 7:24-37
May 25, 2014


I. Jesus rebuffs a suppliant Syrophoenician. Mark 7:24-26

II. Boldly scavenging for grace. Mark 7:27-30

III. The powers of the age to come. Mark 7:31-37; Isaiah 35:5-6

Questions for Reflection:
• Why does Jesus’ response to the Syrophoenician strike us as offensive?
• How does Jesus’ conversation with the woman reveal the offense of the gospel?
• What do you think it was about the woman’s statement in v. 28 that led Jesus to grant her request?
• How and why does Jesus distance Himself from His reputation as a miracle-worker?

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