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Now We See in a Mirror Dimly

June 15, 2014 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture: Mark 8:22–8:30

Now We See in a Mirror Dimly
Mark 8:22-30
June 15, 2014


I. A demonstration of earnest intercession. Mark 8:22

II. A gradual, two-step healing of a blind man. Mark 8:23-26

III. Opinions about Jesus abound. Mark 8:27-28

IV. A breakthrough of spiritual sight. Mark 8:29-30

Questions for reflection:
• How does this passage encourage us to intercede in prayer on behalf of others? Who are the people for whom God is calling you to intercede?
• How does the gradual healing of the blind man serve as an object lesson?
• Where is our sight dim? How can we spiritually see more clearly?
• The Jewish people had multiple opinions concerning the identity of Jesus. What are the most common opinions concerning Jesus today?
• What does Peter mean when he declares Jesus to be the ‘Christ’? Why is this confession so important?

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