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Upside Down Living

August 17, 2014 Preacher: Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture: Mark 10:32–10:45

Upside Down Living
Mark 10:32-45
August 17, 2014


I. The Calling for Jesus.

      A. The journey to Jerusalem. Mark 10:32
      B. The prophetic word. Mark 10:33-34
      C. Suffering leads to glory. Mark 10:34

II. The Calling from Jesus.

      A. Misguided disciples. Mark 10:35-37
      B. The cost of discipleship. Mark 10:38-40
      C. The way of the Kingdom. Mark 10:41-44

III. The suffering servant. Mark 10:45

      A. Even the Son of Man.
      B. A ransom.
      C. Our response.

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