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A Troubling Dream

April 26, 2015 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 2:1–2:23

A Troubling Dream
Daniel 2:1–23
April 26, 2015


I. Nebuchadnezzar’s existential crisis. Daniel 2:1–3

II. The wise men of Babylon must solve the riddle or die. Daniel 2:4–12

III. God alone is able to solve the riddle through prayer. Daniel 2:13–19

IV. Daniel praises God for His wisdom and power. Daniel 2:20–23

V. Where do we find wisdom and power to solve the riddle of sin and guilt?
1 Corinthians 1:21–24, 30–31

Questions for reflection:

  • What does this passage teach us about God?
  • What sources of wisdom does the world trust in? What sources of wisdom do I trust in?
  • If the source of true wisdom is Jesus, how do we practically turn to Him and follow Him?

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