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The Stone That Fills The Earth

May 17, 2015 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 2:44–2:49

The Stone That Fills The Earth
Daniel 2:44–49
May 17, 2015


I. A stone not made with human hands. Daniel 2:34–35, 44–45; Psalm 118:22; Luke 20:18

II. This kingdom will fill the earth and endure forever. Daniel 2:44; Matthew 16:18

III. Daniel honored and promoted. Daniel 2:46–49

Questions for reflection:

  • How is Nebuchadnezzar’s dream instructive for believers today? What lessons can we learn?
  • God declares that His kingdom will grow and endure forever. Why do you think that in God’s providence, He often allows His church to appear weak, and/or in decline?
  • What would make Christians more effective in speaking wisdom, grace, and truth to the surrounding world? What wisdom do we have that today’s world needs to hear?

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