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The Spirit of God in the Last Days

May 24, 2015 Series: Seasons of the Church Year

Scripture: Joel 2:28–2:32

The Spirit of God in the Last Days
Joel 2:28–32
May 24, 2015


I. The fullness and democratization of the Spirit. Joel 2:28–29; Numbers 11:25–29

II. Creation trembles as God comes to save. Joel 2:30–31

III. Salvation comes in the name of the LORD. Joel 2:32

IV. The basis for the events of Pentecost. Acts 2:14–21

Questions for reflection:

  • What spiritual need in the community of faith is solved by prophecy, visions, and dreams as manifestations of the Spirit?
  • Should we be fearful of the promised day of the LORD? Why or why not?
  • What does it mean to call on the name of the LORD?

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