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Daniel-Gifted, Faithful, and Delivered

June 28, 2015 Preacher: Series: Daniel

Scripture: Daniel 6:1–6:28

Daniel–Gifted, Faithful, and Delivered
Daniel 6:1–28
June 28, 2015

I. The honor of Daniel.
     A. Recognition of his wisdom. Daniel 6:1–3

     B. Jealousy of others. Daniel 6:4–5

II. Man’s plot against Daniel.
     A. Calling to idolatry. Daniel 6:6–9

     B. Daniel remains faithful. Daniel 6:10–11

     C. The accusation. Daniel 6:12–13

     D. Concern of the king. Daniel 6:14–20

III. God’s miraculous work for Daniel.
     A. God’s deliverance. Daniel 6:21–23

     B. Response of the king. Daniel 6:24–27

     C. Daniel’s service. Daniel 6:28

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