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The Danger of Unfruitfulness

July 12, 2015 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture: Mark 11:12–11:25

The Danger of Unfruitfulness
Mark 11:12–25
July 12, 2015


I. A deceitful fig tree. Mark 11:12–14

II. A deceitful nation. Mark 11:15–19; Jeremiah 7:11–15

III. Destroyed. Mark 11:20–21

IV. The lessons of the fig tree. Mark 11:22–25

     A. Have faith!

     B. Pray.

     C. Forgive.

Questions for reflection:

  • What point is Jesus making when He curses the fig tree?
  • What is the answer to a spiritually unfruitful life? Where am I bearing fruit in my life?
  • Where am I struggling with unbelief? Where is God challenging me to trust Him in faith?


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