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The Glorious Temple Destroyed

August 23, 2015 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: The Gospel of Mark

Scripture: Mark 13:1–13:13

The Glorious Temple Destroyed
Mark 13:1–13
August 23, 2015


I. The magnificence of the temple. Mark 13:1–2; Matthew 24:3

II. Two questions. Mark 13:3–4

III. Signs of the coming devastation. Mark 13:5–8

IV. Persecution and prosecution. Mark 13:9–13a

V. The perseverance of the saints. Mark 13:13b

Questions for reflection:

  • Why was the temple so significant to the Jews? Why does God bring about its destruction?
  • What does the passage teach us about Jesus?
  • What were the followers of Jesus to be prepared for in the days to come?
  • What is meant by the ‘perseverance of the saints’?

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