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The Challenge of True Discipleship

September 6, 2015 Preacher: Series: Additional Sermons

Topic: Other Scripture: Luke 9:22–9:27

The Challenge of True Discipleship
Luke 9:22–27
September 6, 2015


I.  Following Jesus.

     A. Our example. Luke 9:22

     B. Anyone. Luke 9:23

     C. Denial of self. Luke 9:23

     D. The cross. Luke 9:23

II. Saving and Losing.

     A. Result of saving. Luke 9:24–25

     B. Result of losing. Luke 9:24–25

     C. Witness. Luke 9:26

III. Coming glory.

     A. Glory of God. Luke 9:26

     B. Seeing the Kingdom. Luke 9:27

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