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Our Great God

January 17, 2016 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: Additional Sermons

Topic: Other Scripture: Psalm 147:1–147:20

Our Great God
Psalm 147
January 17, 2016


I. God’s care for His people. Psalm 147:1–3

II. Comfort in His power and knowledge. Psalm 147:4–6

III. He rules and cares for His creation. Psalm 147:7–9, 14–18

IV. What God takes pleasure in. Psalm 147:10–11

V. God’s continued provision for His people. Psalm 147:12–14

VI. Be thankful for the gift of His Word. Psalm 147:19–20

Questions for reflection:

  • Why is praise and thanksgiving to God important? How can you grow in your praise and thanksgiving to the Lord?
  • What might be some things from this Psalm that you have taken for granted?
  • What is it about God or what He has done that captures your imagination?
  • Does your use of God’s word match the great privilege of being selected to know it?(vv. 19–20)

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