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Jawbone Hill

November 19, 2017 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: Judges

Scripture: Judges 15:1–15:20

Jawbone Hill

Judges 15

November 19, 2017









I.   Redressing of injustices. Judges 15:1-8





II.  Samson as a second Moses.


     A. Rejected by his brothers. Judges 15:9-13; Exodus 2:14, 14:11;

         Acts 7:35, 52 



     B. Water from a rock. Judges 15:18-19; Exodus 17:6


III. Again, God uses an unusual weapon to usher in victory. Judges 15:14-17





 Questions for reflection:


  • How is Samson a second Moses figure?
  • How does the theme of unusual weapons highlight how God will one day defeat sin and Satan through Jesus?
  • God loves to use disadvantaged people for his people so that He gets the glory. How might this truth be an encouragement to us in our own time and circumstances?

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