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Knowing God

February 11, 2018 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: Additional Sermons

Scripture: Psalm 23:1–23: 6

“Knowing God”

Psalm 23

February 11, 2018





  1. Knowing God in a personal way. Psalm 23:1.





  1. God nourishes the inner and outer person. Psalm 23:2-3





III. God is with us in the dark valleys. Psalm 23:4





  1. The good Shepherd is also a bountiful host. Psalm 23:5






  1. God guarantees the future. Psalm 23:6





Questions for reflection:


  • Can you say with confidence, “The Lord is my shepherd?” If not, why not?
  • God is in the business of refreshing and restoring our soul. How has God
    restored your soul in the past? Are you taking advantage of those means of
    refreshment today?
  • What does it mean that in the valley of the shadow, “You are with me?”
    How can we be sure of and recognize God’s presence with us today



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