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Waiting for God to Act

February 18, 2018 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: Habakkuk

Scripture: Habakkuk 1:1–2:1

“Waiting for God to Act”

Habakkuk 1:1-2:1

February 18, 2018





I.  Background of the book. Habakkuk 1:1




II. Distress over the nation's moral condition. Habakkuk 1:2-4





III. The Lord responds: Judgement is coming. Habakkuk 1:5-11





IV.  Distress over the means of God's judgement. Habakkuk 1:12-2:1




V.  Some principles of application:

     A. God will not countenance immorality, idolatry and injustice forever. Hab. 1:5


     B. History is under God's control. Hab. 1:6; Isaiah 45:7; Amos 3:7


     C. There is tremendous mystery connected to the soverignty of God. Hab. 1:13





Questions for reflection:


  • Are there areas of sin, immorality, and idolatry that you need to address in your own life and/or in the world around you?
  • What comfort is there in the idea that God is soverign over history?
  • If someone were to ask you, "Where was God when disaster struck?" What would you say?

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