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The Father Gives Wisdom

April 15, 2018 Series: James

Scripture: James 1:5–1:8

The Father Gives Wisdom

James 1:5-8

April 15, 2018



I.   Wisdom: What is it and what do we need it for? Prov. 26:12; 12:15; 3:7; Is. 5:21.


II.  The sources of wisdom: Prov. 1:7; 9:10; 15:33; 2:6; James 3:13-17.


III.  Asking of the giving God. Mt 7:7-11


IV.   How to Ask-How not to Ask.


V.    Conclusion


Questions for Reflection:

  • When I am in stressful situations, do I realize that I need Godly wisdom?
  • When I am in stressful situations, do I rely on myself or humbly turn to God for wisdom?  Or do I try to handle things myself?
  • Do I really abelieve that God delights to give good gifts to His children? Even to me?
  • When I ask God for help, what do I really expect to happen?


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