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Renewed By The Spirit

May 20, 2018 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: Additional Sermons

Scripture: Ezekiel 36:24–36:30

Renewed By The Spirit

Ezekiel 36:24-30

May 20, 2018


I.   God's people will be washed clean. Ezekiel 36-25


II. The Spirit creates in us a new heart/mind. (Regeneration) Ezekiel 36:26.


III. The Spirit indwells us. Ezekiel 26:27a.


IV.  The Spirit provides power to obey. (Sanctification) Ezekiel 36:27.


V.    The Spirit brings about amazing blessings. Ezekiel 36:28-30, Romans             14:17.


VI.   We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 5:18.


Questions for reflection:

  • What does our main passage teach us about the gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • What are evidences that the Holy Spirit indwells the believer? Is there
    evidence of the indwelling Spirit in your life.
  • What are things Christians can do to be filled with the Holy Spirit?

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