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Show No Partiality, Part 2

June 10, 2018 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: James

Scripture: James 2:5–2:13

Show No Partiality, Part 2

James 2:5–13

June 10, 2017







  1. Partiality is inconsistent with God’s grace. James 2:5–7,










  1. Partiality violates the second great commandment. James 2:8–10.










III. Partiality is inconsistent with the nature of future judgment. James 2:11–13.









Questions for reflection:


  • How can we intentionally involve ourselves with the poor and outcast and be “friends of sinners” like Jesus was?


  • Are there areas of partiality or prejudice of which I need to identify and confess?


  • If you knew with certainty that you were scheduled to appear before God at the final judgment in exactly one year, what would you do differently?



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