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A Living, Vibrant, Saving Faith

June 24, 2018 Series: James

Scripture: James 2:20–2:26

A Living, Vibrant, Saving Faith

James 2:20–26

June 24, 2018 


 A.   1.   Wise or foolish (James 2:20)?

       2.   Abraham (James 2:21-22).

       3.   Rahab (James 2:25).

       4.   The presence of true and living faith.

       5.   Baymont Baptist.

B.    1.   Abraham and Rahab.

       2.   The fall and sin.

       3.   God knows the heart.

C.    1.   Man is declared right in God's eyes.

       2.   God's friend.

       3.   Living faith empowered by the Holy Spirit.

       4.   The challenge.

Questions to consider:

  • Do others see the change in me?
  • What areas of my life still need to be changed?
  • Do I celebrate and rejoice in what God has done in, for and through me?

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