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The Misuse of Money

November 4, 2018 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: James

Scripture: James 5:1–5:6

The Misuse of Money

James 5:1-6

November 4, 2018


I.   The consequences of misusing wealth. James 5:1-3.

      A.  In the present.

      B.  In the hereafter.


II.  Manifestations of misused wealth. James 5:4-6

      A.  Hoarding

      B.  Failure to pay up and "murder."

      C.  Sel-indulgence.


III. We must store up treasure in heaven. Matthew 8:19-21.



Questions for reflection:

  • How do you determine who is rich and who is poor?
  • What are some of the indications that people have become obsessed with material things that you can see inthe world around us? In the church?
  • How is Jesus an example to us on the issue of money and wealth?

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