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The Sanctity of the Aging Life

January 27, 2019 Preacher: Michael Lyons Series: Additional Sermons

Scripture: Isaiah 46:1–46:4

The Sanctity of the Aging Life

Isaiah 46:1-4

January 27, 2019



I.   Watch our for idols that destroy the most vulnerable. (Isaiah 46:1-4).


II.  To the Young: Honor the Elderly (Leviticus 19:32; Philippians 2:4).


III. To the Elderly: God will bear you up (Isaiah 46:4; Psalm 92:12-15).


Questions for reflection:

  • What idols have prevented you from honoring those who are older?
  • What specific things can you do to better honor the elderly?
  • What idols have kept you from letting God bear you up as you age?
  • If you are older, what specific things can you do to disciple those who are younger?

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