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Love Is Not Just a Feeling

May 12, 2019 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: Additional Sermons

Scripture: Romans 13:8–13:10

Love Is Not Just a Feeling

Romans 13:8-10

May 12, 2019




I.    True love fulfills God's law. Romans 3:8-10, John 14:21.



II.   Covenant vows and promises are the foundation of love (not feelings).
       Matthew 7:24-27.



III.  Jesus is both the example and the source of committed agape love.
       Matthew 26:39, Galatians 2:20.




Questions for reflection:


  • What happens when feelings are the primary and foundational element of love?
  • How is Jesus' love for us an example of committed agape love?
  • How can we continue to show love for people when we may not be feeling it?



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