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Prayer and the Sovereignty of God

October 27, 2019 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: Additional Sermons

Scripture: Acts 4:23–4:31

Prayer and the Sovereignty of God
Acts 4:23-31
October 27, 2019



I.    When it comes to prayer, we all believe in the absolute sovereignty 
      of God. Acts 4:23-24.


II.   The prayer declares that history is His story. Acts 4:25-28.


III.  They ask for courage and effectiveness in ministry. Acts 4:29-30.


IV.   God answers their prayer with power. Acts 4:31.


Questions for reflection:

  • What does this prayer show us about the sovereignty of Christ?
  • Why is God's absolute sovereignty an encouragement especially during
    times of adversity?
  • What might be getting in the way of a life of prayer for you?

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