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The South Mimics the North

February 9, 2020 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: 1 & 2 Kings

Scripture: 1 Kings 14:21–15:8

The South Mimics the North
1 Kings 14:21-15:8
February 9, 2020



I.   The southern kingdom does what is evil. 1 Kings 14:21-24.


II.  Judah is attacked by Egypt. 1 Kings 14:25-31.


III. King Abijam walks in the sins of his father. 1 Kings 15:1-8.


Questions for reflection:

  • Why do you think the southern kingdom embraced the practice of rampant
    idolatry (like the Canaanites before them), provoking the Lord to 'jealousy'?
    What is it that may be keeping you from whole-hearted obedience?


  • Why does God treat the southern kingdom differently in terms of not
    bringing the removal of the Davidic king as God does with the northern
    kings (1 Kings 15:4-5)?

  • What significance might this have for us?


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