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The Weary Disciple

August 23, 2020 Preacher: Michael Lyons Series: Additional Sermons

Scripture: Psalm 42:1–42:11

The Weary Disciple
Psalm 42
Michael Lyons



I.   Identify with the Weary Disciple  (v. 1-11)




II.  Direct your weariness to God  (vv. 1, 6, 9)




III.  Wait for God  (vv. 5, 11)




Questions for reflection:

  • Consider a time in the past when you have had an experience like the psalmist: how did you respond?


  • What current obstacles in your life might tempt you to think that God has forgotten you?


  • What does Psalm 42 teach us about how we should approach God during times of discouragement? How can we fight the weary soul?

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