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Our Political Hopes

November 8, 2020 Preacher: Michael Lyons Series: Truths For Tough Times

Topic: Current Events Scripture: Daniel 7:1–7:28

Our Political Hopes
Daniel 7
November 8, 2020
Michael Lyons



     I.    Do not entrust your political hopes to beasts (Daniel 7:1-8). 

     II.   Take comfort that God's politics always win (Daniel 7:9-14).



     III.  Entrust your political hopes to God's kingdom lived out in the church-
            (Daniel 7:15-27).




Questions for reflection:

  • Do I grieve over my sin more than I grieve over the loss of political hopes?
    Do I grieve over my sin more than I point out the sin of my political enemies?

  • What would my kids, or grandchildren, or neighbors say characterizes me most:
    my church membership or my political party membership?

  • What do my habits, emotions, and words this past week reveal about where
    I am placing my political hopes?

  • How can ECC better image the kingdom of God to our community?





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