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You Make Known the Path of Life

November 22, 2020 Series: Additional Sermons

Scripture: Psalm 16:1–16:11

You Make Known the Path of Life
Psalm 16
November 22, 2020
Pastor Rich Lanning



I.   An opening prayer for life.  Psalm 16:1-2



II.  An exclusive commitment to the Lord.  Psalm 16:3-4



III. A faith that joyfully treasures God above all else.  Psalm 16:5-6



IV. Thankful for God's counsel and instruction.  Psalm 16:7-8



V.  Faith breeds confidence in the face of death.  Psalm 16:9-11; Acts 13:35-39




Questions for reflection:

  • David expresses great joy and satisfaction in Psalm 16. What would you say are the keys to abiding in joy and inner satisfaction?
  • Is there a particular principle of faith expressed by David that may need to be cultivated in your life?
  • How does the resurrection of Jesus help us to gain confidence in the face of death?

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