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December 6, 2020 Preacher: Michael Lyons Series: Advent - Getting Dressed for Christmas

Topic: Advent Scripture: Colossians 3:12–3:16

Colossians 3:13
December 6, 2020
MIchael Lyons 


I. Vertical vs Horizontal Forgiveness
II. Graciously Endure Your Brother/Sister's Sin (Col 3:13; Prov 10:12; Phil 4:8)
III. Entrust to God the Sanctification of Your Brother/Sister (Col 3:12-16; Phil 1:6)
IV. Draw Power from God's Forgiveness Given to You (Col 3:13)
Questions for Reflection
  • Do you hold any grudges against someone else? 
  • What are some ways that you can graciously endure the sins of those closest to you (e.g., spouse, sibling, parent, friend)?
  • What do you need to do to fight bitterness when seeking an attitude of forgiveness toward those who repeat their sin or show no repentance? 
  • For resources on forgiveness, see this week's blog. 

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