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Thoughts during Lent

Lent is often considered a time of quiet reflection. But it might also be a time God uses to challenge us to consider how we live out the Gospel all year long....

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Pastor Briefing: Presbytery

Presbytery Mtg S. Charleston church, 2-19, Harvey, Rich

Three times a year the Presbytery of the Midwest meets over two days to conduct training, business, and worship. Our Presbytery includes more than 50 EPC churches located in Indiana, Michigan, and the western half of Ohio. Local EPC churches are expected to send their ministers (officially referred to as teaching elders) and ruling elders, as representatives. Our presbyter...

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A Biblical Love Poem


The Bible celebrates love between a husband and a wife, sometimes in the most shocking ways....

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What the Elders are Reading

Church Elders book

Do you want to know what the elders are reading right now?...

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Do You Know Your Neighbor?

Arial View of Homes.PNG

How well do you know your neighbors? Here's a test to find out......

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Sabbatical Reading

Sabbatical has allowed me to be more intentional about reading. I hope these reviews will help spur you on to make time to read as well....

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Book Review: resource to help parents (and others) lead children to clarity about gender identity


New book helps parents, mentors, pastors, youth ministers, children’s ministry volunteers, or simply friends "bring clarity to young minds in a world that is spinning in confusion" ...

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Welcoming 'interruptions'

Interruptions or blessings? What is God doing with us when we expect life to go one way and it goes some completely different way?...

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Catch Up on Summer Books


Did you miss out on seeing what books we were recommending and selling this summer? Catch up now with a complete list of what we had at the book table....

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Busy for the wrong reasons

What controls your life? The demands of others? Seeking self-fulfillment? I am re-thinking how I structure my life and what controls my activities....

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