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Archives for May 2015

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Wide-Angle Bible Reading

Consider a new way of reading your Bible this summer: whole book Bible reading. Here's why to do it and how it might change your outlook on the Bible....

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40 Hour Concert of Prayer Reflections

Reflections from a participant in our 40 Hour Concert of Prayer during Holy Week....

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Who's Nextdoor?

How well do you really know the people in your neighborhood? Michael posed that question on the blog a couple of weeks ago, and it's been haunting me. I know I've done an awful job of getting to know my neighbors since we've lived in our house. This is not, as Michael noted, an isolated phenomenon. In many of America's communities, the easy familiarity we once had with o...

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Thoughts from the Book of Daniel

“How do we live faithful and effective lives in an increasingly secular world?”...

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The Forty Day Prayer Covenant Follow-up

Pastor BriefingMay 6, 2015 By now, most of you have completed your 40 Day Prayer commitments. I, personally, felt very good about the 40 Day Prayer Covenant preaching series. Based on your feedback, I believe there has been more prayer among our congregation than ever before. I hope that you have experienced personal renewal through it. I know I have! I would encourage y...

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