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A Book Report, or Things I Read in 2021

Reading book

Maybe you will be inspired to read something totally new and different this year!...

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Join Me for 100 Days of Dante!

Dante Inferno

Dante's Divine Comedy, beginning with Dante's Inferno, is one of those huge classics of Christian literature that many have heard of, but few have tackled, given its unwieldly nature. ...

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Pastor Briefing: The Problem of Burnout

In an interview titled, How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation, dated December 3, 2020 at vox.com, author Anne Helen Petersen talks about the pervasive problem of burnout among the millennial generation....

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What I learned while knitting socks

Socks and Sermon

I love knitting socks. Most all of the socks I wear now have come from a yarn store, not a clothing store. Small, relatively fast, and very satisfying to knit this tube that turns 90 degrees at the heel. That step is always magic to me I do it over and over on every sock but I still don't fully understand why it works. And don't get me started on the joy of shaping the to...

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Here are some helpful resources for thinking about forgiveness...

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Upcoming Discipleship Opportunities

bible study

COVID-19 may be turning our normal patterns of life upside-down; but it won't stop us from growing in following Jesus. In fact, it just may help us do so more!...

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Lament, Pray, & Care

Reading book

Following up on Sunday's sermon, I mentioned a number of books that you may find helpful for the Care piece of application. Here are some to take a look at....

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A Word of Hope

Michael Lyons Qumran.PNG

It has been 6 Sundays since we were together. But have hope...

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Lessons from a pandemic

Vlog 4.2.2020 In the video today, I reflect on lessons I am learning through these days of social distancing. As I mention in the video, The Gospel Coalition is calling Christians to a day of fasting and praying on Saturday, April 4. Below are links to resources to help us pray throughout the day. in the evening, there will be a one hour online prayer service. Her...

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Christian Practice

We’ve all heard the saying “practice makes perfect.” It’s tempting to think that doing something over and over again makes it better....

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