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40 Hour Concert of Prayer Reflections

I waited to sign up for the Holy Week prayer vigil to see if there was an “orphaned”, unclaimed hour. The 10:00-11:00pm hour on Good Friday was still not covered on Good Friday evening, so we went over to the church to pray. I usually pray throughout the day for short periods of time and rarely ever alone. I wondered how I would be able to pray for a solid hour in the silent church building.

I was surprised and moved that the hour sped by as I met the Lord on my knees. (I knelt on a couch cushion.) I prayed aloud through the prayer covenant and expanded each of the lines as the Spirit led. I wept. It was a beautiful time of communion with the Lord after the somber Tenebrae service remembering what Jesus sacrificed for us. I prayed for love and unity to abound among all of us, and I prayed at length for the persecuted church. As it turned out, an hour wasn't nearly long enough. God is good.

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