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A Biblical Love Poem


(1)Look at you!

                   —beautiful, my beloved!

Look at you!


            Your eyes are doves behind your veil
            Your hair is like a flock of goats

                              —they leap from the hill of Gilead!

(2)Your teeth are like a flock of shorn ewes,
                       which go up from a washing,
                       which all of them bear twins,
                       which there is no miscarriage among them.

(3)Like a scarlet thread are your lips,
            And your mouth is delightful.
            Like a slice of pomegranate is your temple
                                                                    —(all) from behind your veil.

(4)Like a tower of David is your neck,
                        built in courses,
                        a thousand shields hang on it,
                        all the armor of the warriors.

(5)Your two breasts are like two fawns,
                        a gazelle’s twins
                        pasturing among the lotuses.

(6)Until the day breezes along,
             And the shadows flee,
             I will go by myself to the mountain of myrrh
             And to the hill of frankincense.

(7)All of you
                    —beautiful, my beloved!

There is not a blemish in you.

Song of Songs 4:1-7

The Bible celebrates love between a husband and a wife, sometimes in the most shocking ways, even using images and words that would cause us to blush. Song of Songs reminds us that God values marriage. And God values even romantic love!

May Song of Songs exhort all of us to cherish our spouse and praise them like the writer of this biblical love poem does (though you may not want to tell your wife her neck is like a tower...). Consider today the many things that you can give thanks to God for your spouse. Thank God, and then tell your spouse.

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