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A Call to Good Friday prayer and fasting

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The Session Elders are calling for ECC to join with the EPC and two other denominations in setting aside Good Friday, April 10, as a day of fasting and prayer to cry out for God's help with concern for the coronavirus pandemic.
The following is the communication sent out from the Stated Clerk of the EPC, Jeff Jeremiah and it offers further explanation:  


March 31, 2020
To: TEs, Commissioned Pastors, Chaplains, Presbytery Stated Clerks, Committee Members
From: Jeff Jeremiah
Subject: Good Friday Call to Prayer and Fasting
"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28).
The whole world is in the throes of a coronavirus pandemic that is spreading death, illness, economic turmoil, unemployment, isolation, panic, and fear. In such desperate times, the people of God should humble themselves and pray to almighty God for His grace, mercy, and love to heal us, restore us, and relieve us from this crushing burden of disease.
In response to the ravages of this historic plague, this call for prayer and fasting is an historic, ecumenical event because the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) and the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) have united for the first time to pray for God’s mercy and healing.
The Call: For all believers in Christ in the PCA, EPC, and ACNA to set aside Good Friday, April 10, as a day of prayer and fasting to cry out for God’s help in addition to a day of worship.
The goal is for all 550,000 members of these three churches to have the opportunity to participate. Other denominations are aware of the planning for this event and have asked to be invited. Among these are the National Association of Evangelicals and ECO. Should these groups participate, we could have millions of Christians joining their hearts in prayer.
At the bottom of this message are links to three resources:

  1. A Guide to Prayer and Fasting by Dr. Richard Pratt, President of Third Millennium Ministries;
  2. A suggested prayer list; and
  3. A prayer from the Book of Common Prayer that addresses the needs of suffering people in troubled times. 

They are sent to you ten days in advance of this event to give you time to review and consider their use in your church. You are of course free to use other materials that would be helpful to your congregation.
I hope you will publicize this event and distribute the appropriate resources to your membership in the coming days by whatever means are most effective. It would be wonderful if the membership of the PCA, EPC, and ACNA were all united in prayer to God on Good Friday!
Thank you, and remember: He is risen!
A Guide to Prayer and Fasting

Suggested Prayers

Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer