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A Word of Hope

Michael Lyons Qumran.PNG

It is hard to believe that we have not been together since 6 Sundays ago. Are you weary? I sure am. It is hard to have hope when it feels like the world is upside down (and it is raining and cold at the same time!!!).

But have hope.

Below, I share a couple of passages that have encouraged me at this time. At the end, I also share about tonight's Sunday School series that I am starting up online (maybe we should call it Monday School Series?). Does anyone know what is behind me in the video?

If you want to find the Sunday School tonight, it will be posted no later than 7pm. You can find it on our Adult Sunday School webpage


back ground looks like some place east of Jerusalem in the desert hills like where the dead sea scrolls were found. Could be a tomb or cave entrance except there is light so might be a stone bridge?
I’ll be watching you, Michael!
I’ll be watching you, Michael!
Looking for more scrolls
Looking forward to being a part of the class, computer willing. Thank you. I know it will be a great class
Caves of Qumran?
I’m planning on being there Michael! Thank you for the message of hope!!
I will be part of your Sunday school class on Monday nights! Thank you

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