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Community Groups

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So why should you commit to one more activity in your weekly schedule? Aren't you pulled in every direction already!? Community Groups have a simple mission:

We are seeking to build a community in which the people of God persevere in faith together, participate in life together, and practice mission together.

But what does this mean?

Persevering in Faith Together

You cannot be a loner-Christian. Isolated and independent Christians do not fact they are the ones who most often shipwreck in their faith. God designed us to be responsibile for each other's spiritual well-being! This means that God entrusted my spiritual well-being into your hands. As well, your spiritual well-being depends on others engaging with your life, asking those hard questions, loving you enough to speak God's word into your life. 

Participating in Life Together

Gospel-centered, Christian community does not happen by accident. If you feel cut off and isolated, perhaps you should ask yourself whether you are intentionally putting your life into the intersection of someone else's life. Christians are a people who live life with others: there is no other kind of Christian. 

Practicing Mission Together

Finally, Christian community does not merely grow inward, but it grows outward too. When was the last time you had a friend who was not a believer? When was the last time you invited your neighbors over for desert? When was the last time you served others simply because the gospel compelled you to do so? God as king of the universe has called the people of God to image to the rest of humanity what true humanity looks like: this is practicing mission. Sometimes it involves spoken evangelism; sometimes it involves merely friendship. But the point is, Christian community helps spur each other on to this outward kind of focus.

Community Groups

This is Community Groups; this is what it means to follow Jesus. Sure you can do all of these apart from Community Groups; in fact, many of us are! But Community Groups helps many of us make this kind of community a greater reality in our lives, rather than just dreaming, longing and talking about it. 

Consider joining a Community Group this fall. Sign ups begin at the end of August. More details are coming!

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