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Discipleship at our Church

Most Christians know that discipleship is important. What is more difficult is knowing what the discipleship process should look like or what it should emphasize. To a certain extent, discipleship is going to look different for every individual: we each have unique struggles, personalities, and habits that shape our walk with God. 

Yet at ECC, we believe that 10 core values should guide us in our discipleship; you might call these 10 guiding principles for how we approach discipleship within our own church. Over the next few months on the blog, I am going to work through each of these one by one in order to give you a framework for how you might enter into discipling someone else. Likewise, these principles may help you assess whether you are missing something vital that would help you grow in your own walk.

I will unpack these in greater depth in coming weeks, but for now, here are the 10 guiding principles for discipleship that I would encourage all to use to assess their own discipleship practices, whether your own growth or your discipling of another:

  1. Submission to Jesus: Transformative change only begins in people when they joyfully submit to Jesus as King.
  2. The Priority of the Church: The corporate gathering of the people of God serves as a means of grace for discipleship to all.
  3. Scripture: The witness of Scripture serves as a key instrument in the building up and encouragement of God's people.
  4. Diverse Community: Gospel-centered community breaks natural human boundaries (social, age, race, economic, etc.) and should be reflected in our discipleship.
  5. One-to-one Relationships: Discipleship thrives through person-to-person relationships within the Church in the context of daily life. 
  6. Covenant Community and Individuality: Discipleship requires a commitment to both covenant-community and individual spiritual disciplines.
  7. The Primacy of Parents: Parents are the primary means of grace for discipleship to their children.
  8. The Heart and Mind: Discipleship involves the training of both the heart and mind.
  9. Reaching Out: Discipleship inevitably leads to and involves outreach, service, and missions.
  10. Disciples Make Disciples: Ministry leaders are most fruitful when using their time to train and mentor other leaders.

Stay tuned as I unpack each one over the coming weeks!


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