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Guard Your Heart

Finish well

On Sunday, Rick Schatz shared at the end of his sermon various ways that will help us finish the Christian life well. Here is a recap of that list:

  1. Guard your heart (Prov 4:23)
  2. Participate in regular fellowship and community. This includes Sunday morning worship and a small group of some kind
  3. Have one or two accountability partners. There must be people who will offer tough love to us, who will point out blind spots in our walk with Jesus. We must be willing to listen to their counsel!
  4. Include regular, serious confession and repentance as part of our lives. (see David in Ps 51:10, 17)
  5. Make mastery of God's Word a life-long goal through reading, studying, and memorizing of verses and passages
  6. Read lots of good Christian books
  7. Participate in the sacraments
  8. Make worship a part of our lives moment by moment. Listen to Christian music and teaching while driving and at home
  9. Seek to grow in humility recoginizing our vulnerability
  10. Ask the Lord to protect, lead, and guide us so that our lives would remain faithful and we would live only for his glory
  11. Pray for God the Holy Spirit to help us in all of this

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