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Intergenerational Ministry This Summer


Have you looked around our sanctuary on a recent Sunday morning? I mean really looked, with eyes not glazed over by the film of familiarity? If you do, you will see what amazes newcomers: a congregation of believers from babes in arms to white-haired men and women in wheelchairs, with a wonderful mix in-between of children and youth. Families are sitting together. Children and men with Alzheimer’s are singing the songs with joy and gusto. You will be blessed by children greeting you with a smile and a bulletin at the door, by teens singing alongside seniors in the worship leadership team. We are a body who believes youth are valuable contributors to the Church as well as adults, that they can be examples in “speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity” (1 Tim 4:12).

We can also take that intergenerational service beyond the walls of the church building. We can take it into our backyards and up the road a few miles into a troubled neighborhood in Hamilton, and even further into Detroit. We can together be Christ’s witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, and even to the ends of the earth (that’s a post for another day). All of these opportunities are available to you this summer. It’s true; in a matter of just a few weeks, you could be a part of impacting the lost with the power of the gospel both near and far.

For the past several years, ECC teens have led Backyard Kids Clubs in the backyards (of course) of some of our members as a way to expand our outreach ministry to children and families who might not otherwise come or even learn about our church and to strengthen the relationships of hosting families with their neighbors, all with the goal of sharing the gospel. ECC children participate in these clubs in lieu of Vacation Bible School. Kim Quarry, a regular host over the years, reports that her neighbors look so forward to it that they often ask if she’s holding BKC again this year.

Would you like to come aboard with Kim and our teens in bringing the message of Christ to our neighbors? The youth and children’s discipleship ministries would love for more adults to join us, providing our kids the chance to:

  • Deepen their fellowship with believers of all ages at ECC
  • Be a part of strengthening the unity of the Spirit in our church by using our variety of gifts in a common cause
  • Grow from the modeling and mentoring of experienced teachers and servants and administrators.

Backyard Kids Clubs will be held at the Quarrys’ home in Finneytown and the Stacys’ in Fairfield just off of Hamilton Avenue, June 25-29 during the afternoons and in the evenings at Power Source Ministries in Hamilton. We are using an exciting curriculum that explores the work of Christ from eternity past to eternity future—his pre-existence, his work in creation, his presence in the Old Testament, his activity in the New Testament, what he’s doing now in the present, and what it will mean to live with him in the new heaven and the new earth forever. I can’t wait to both study and present this beautiful story of God’s redemption plan to the children coming to BKC!

You don’t have to be “good with kids” to help out, but you do have to meet these qualifications (and if you don’t match this job description, ahem, there is a problem):

Have the Spirit of Christ living within you to empower you to serve others,

Have a spiritual gift from the Holy Spirit that edifies the body,

Have a heart of love for the Lord Jesus with a desire to see others come to know him.

Whatever your gift is, it can be used in organizing and working in Backyard Kids Club. We need builders, cooks, shoppers, organizers, teachers, encouragers, obstacle course runners, musicians, chauffeurs, and whatever you do that I have not listed! You can bless the ECC children and teens, the neighbors of our members, the lost and unchurched, and the weary but persevering saints at Power Source ministries in Hamilton. And you in turn will be blessed by the Lord, who will fill your heart with the joy of service.

Call Tina Miller or David Rudolph at the office (542-9025) to see where you can plug in! Training and planning begin in May.