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Journey to Easter Day 1 Devotion


Journey to Easter Devotion

Day 1

The Journey Begins



Context: Genesis 1-3

Focus: Genesis 3 and Romans 6:23


Questions for family discussion

For younger children

  • What did Adam and Eve do wrong?
  • How did they feel afterward? What did they do that proved these feelings? [perhaps children would like to pantomime the actions of hiding and sewing coverings for themselves]
  • Did the serpent tell the truth? How do you know?
  • How do you feel when you do something wrong?
  • Who do you think the snake crusher will be?
  • What must happen to all of us because of our sin?
  • What does God do about this? 


*For older children and adults

  • Discuss God’s severity and justice as well as his mercy and grace, all of which are seen in this story.
  • How do we see sin’s effects around us everyday, whether in the skinned knee from this afternoon or in the war and natural disaster headlines in the news?
  • Think of a specific sin you recently committed. What lie were you believing when you gave into temptation?
  • What is the promise of God for you found in these verses? 


Prayer and Praise

Use the words from the first two stanzas of the hymn, “I Plead for Grace” as a prayer regarding your own sin. Music may be found in Hymns of Grace #397


Praise God for his mercy toward you and for the promise of eternal life in Jesus. 

*Some of this material taken from Mighty Acts of God by Starr Meade, Crossway Books. 2010. Page 25.