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Journey to Easter Day 2 devotion


Journey to Easter Devotion

Day 2

 Journey with Jesus



Context: John 11:1-12:7 and Mark 14:3-11

Focus: John 12:1-7


Questions for family discussion

For younger children. Let’s ask the 5 W questions.

  • Who are the people in this story? What do you know about them from other stories in the Bible?
  • Where are they? 
  • When did this take place (before and after what events)?
  • What is each person doing or saying?
  • Why did Judas say what he did? 
  • Why did Jesus say what he did?
  • What does this show us about Jesus?


For older children and adults

  • Four people, beside Jesus,  are named in this narrative. How is each one interacting with him?
  • If you know the context of the setting and the background of the characters, why do you think they relate to Jesus in these ways?
  • The focus of this narrative is on Mary’s anointing of Jesus. What does Jesus say about her? What does this show you about him?
  • What does Jesus say about himself? What does he want those listening to know about him?
  • Why does Jesus say “the poor you will always have with you?”
  • What has Jesus done for you this week, this year, for eternity? How have you responded?


Prayer and Praise

Use the lyrics from the song “Broken and Spilled Out” to think about what Jesus has done for you and how you can express your love for him. 

lyrics found here: https://www.lyrics.com/track/5218647/Steve+Green/Broken+and+Spilled+Out

You can listen to the song sung by Steve Green here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP2kZCigZKE



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