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Let no one despise you for your youth

"Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity."  1 Timothy 4:12 (ESV)

One of the tasks that falls on my plate as the Director of Sound is to ensure that our sound booth is staffed every Sunday.  This task for many years had fallen on seasoned technicians who were doing (and still do) a great job.  It is always nice to have extra skilled people to cover vacations and other times outside of Sunday that need sound technician coverage.

Several years ago, while working with the Lego Legion (ECC’s Café Co-Op Lego First Robotics Team) some of the “children” involved asked if they could start to learn how to run the sound board.  My internal knee jerk reaction was that I do not have the time to train these “children” in how to run things.  But the verse at the beginning of this post came to mind and I gladly started the training process.

These “children” over the past few years have shown a great zeal for learning new things and wanting to participate in worship in a new way.  One of the things that the other technicians and I emphasize is that our ability to make a service run smoothly helps to facilitate worship for the whole congregation by keeping technical distractions to a minimum.  These “children” are becoming the next generation of behind-the-scenes members who will hopefully find great fulfillment in doing things for the church.  I hope and pray that they will find this time rewarding and that it will help them to transition into an adulthood full of zeal for all things involved with the church.

I am grateful that we have a church that does not despise our youth or separate them out from the congregation.  It is great to see youth moving directly from Joyful noise choir into our adult choir, and to see young people help usher and serve with deacons on Sunday mornings. 

What other areas of the church do you see as a place for our youth?

How do we foster interest and channel it into appropriate avenues?

These are questions I ponder continually for our youth.