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Men's Prayer Night


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Men of ECC,

We want to personally invite and urge all of you to attend our evening of prayer, Friday, July 24 from 7-10 pm, entitled Following Jesus by Praying the Psalms. We highly encourage you to spend three hours with us praying through six Psalms. We will pray our protests, our pleas, our thanksgiving, our obedience, our trust and our praise.

Jon Langdon (Larry's son, Steve's brother) is a deacon in a Presbyterian church outside of Seattle, Washington. Out there, even on the left coast, they gather as men and pray all night. His pastor, Eric, sent them this challenge (which we will shamelessly plagiarize):

Here are 7 reasons to join us for the Men’s Night of Prayer. For men, obviously, but I think the broader ideas will be of value to anyone serious about following God. Women, encourage your men read these.

1. We’re on this planet to learn that what is seen is temporary, and what is unseen is eternal; yet we still think sleep is more important than prayer. It’s time for us to think as men of God. 2 Cor 4:18.

2. Our children will remember us as men who, from time to time, spent the entire night in prayer with other men from the church. Think how your opinion of your own father would change if he had done (or still did) such a thing. 1 Ki 3:3a.

3. We’re all guilty of being more talk than action; all show and no go; all mouth and trousers; all foam no beer; all hat no cattle. Time to turn that around. Act on what you believe. 1 Pet 4:3a.

4. You can do it. There are things in life that are hard, but not impossible. Until you venture into that world of hard things, you will never know the difference between the two and your life will be a legacy of great things never attempted. Gen 12:4-5.

5. The enemy is deathly afraid of your becoming a man of prayer. Those reasons assembled in your mind for not coming? Do not think they are entirely yours; maybe not even partly yours. 2 Cor 2:11.

6. Your wife wants you to be a man of prayer, not a man who finds excuses to not pray. 1 Sam 25:3,19.

7. The change in your life circumstances that you have long been hoping for? It will not come through circumstances. It will arise from something transacted between you and God, who appoints all the circumstances of your life. This night could be that transaction. Acts 17:26; Luke 15:18-20."

We truly pray that we will see you there.

Larry Langdon & Steve Langdon

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A-Men! The key to the success of the FATHERS Team Ministry throughout the years was the closing time each man spent in prayer! Fr. Larry Langdon is an experienced prayer warrior! I will join you from a far off Florida!

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