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I have been debating on whether or not to write this short blog for weeks, but the time has come. After listening to several of the women in the James Bible study say that they have had to stop watching or listening to various sources of news because of how partisan and discouraging they are, I must share some GOOD NEWS.

There is a source of news from a Biblical worldview that is too good to keep to myself. I am hoping many of you already know about World magazine, as well as all of their children’s news sources. I have begun to listen to the World and Everything In It, World’s daily podcast, as my primary news source.  I cannot begin to tell you how it has changed me. I feel better informed, but that is only the beginning.

Listening to the reporters and the guest experts that speak on the podcast is helping me to think more biblically about current events under the sovereignty of God.  Who knew that the news could be presented from a biblical worldview, be intellectually challenging and interesting all at the same time?! Listening to the podcast through the pandemic has keep me from being discouraged. Each day has a segment with a particular focus – Monday’s Legal Docket is a thoughtful discussion of Supreme Court cases that has opened my eyes to the personalities of the Justices and their deliberations.  Washington Wednesday and Culture Friday lift my eyes from my own life to bigger issues presented in a way that draws me to see them through the lens of faith. Their two special episodes with Dr. Charles Horton answering questions about CoVid 19 is also particularly helpful.

To make it easy to find, here is the link to the podcast:  https://world.wng.org/radio/worldandeverything


And the World podcast family just keeps expanding. There is now a video podcast called the World in 3 for teens (https://teen.wng.org/) , free for this summer, and available by subscription in the fall. It is a 3 minute summary of news and is really engaging! There are newsletters for children (my kids enjoyed these!) (https://kids.wng.org/), and several other spin-off podcasts ( https://world.wng.org/radio).


Happy listening!