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Pray for Hong Kong

Hong Kong Protesters

(Photo: Associated Press / Vincent Yu)

We should be praying for our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong right now. Protests have shut down one of the busiest airports in the world. See the latest on events there from World Magazine. According to some estimates, over 850,000 Christians live in Hong Kong.

On a personal note, I have friends stuck in the airport right now who are Followers, and they are trying to get back to the people group they are investing in for the sake of the Father's glory. If you think of it, pray for them.

There is a very real concern that China might step in with a violent response. We should pray that Christians have great wisdom and discernment in this grave hour.

I encourage you to read the Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin for Tuesday, August 6, for an overview of what is going on in Hong Kong and China and the crucial relationship between Christians there. (Thanks to Mindy Belz for pointing out this prayer bulletin on Hong Kong.)

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