Until further notice, all church sponsored services and activities requiring a physical presence are cancelled to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

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Singing in worship


I love Sunday morning worship (or Sunday nights!) for many reasons and look forward to this time with joy each week.  One of my favorite parts of worship is singing. I’m sure that comes as no surprise to most readers. But I love singing in worship not just for the intrinsic joy of singing, though I will not deny that.


I love singing with all of YOU.  I love hearing our voices lifted up to the heavens praising God, asking Him for His mercy on us, begging Him to meet with us as we worship.  Singing together reminds me that we are the Body of Christ and I need every voice in the room to be lifting up your voice as I lift mine. When we sing together, we are united in a unique and wonderful way. It doesn’t matter if you are singing off key.  We are together lifting up our voices in a singular way as we sing words that remind each of us of who God is and how He is working in our world.


I must be honest here, there are times I have to stop singing because I am overcome with emotion. But you know what is wonderful?  The singing doesn’t stop!  As I wrestle with God or praise Him in my heart or cry out to Him for help, you all keep on singing and reminding me of the truth that brought me to tears in the first place.  Your singing feeds my soul even when I am not participating. It is a beautiful picture of how the Body works – when one of us is down, the rest lift us up and restore us by reminding us of the Truths of God’s love and goodness and mercy.


We are blessed with musicians whose talent and hard work allow us to be able to focus on the words and beauty of the music because of their leadership.  To be lost in praise is a heavenly thing, and reminds me of the hope that is before us.


So sing on ECC!  Sing with joy and gusto and don’t stop!  You lift me up each week, joining your voices to mine, and often singing for me when I cannot. God created us to sing His praise and I for one am very grateful for that.

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