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Stocking Stuffers for the Children in Your Life

Christmas gifts

The 2021 shipping crisis has scared me into early completion of my Christmas shopping list. I have already bought gifts for 8 of my 11 grandchildren plus presents for the two with December birthdays. But if you’re one who’s still looking for gift ideas for the children in your life, here are some items I’m loving this year.

Of course, I love to start with books, and I am excited that my favorite children’s Bible story series—Tales that Tell the Truth--has begun to publish board book editions. Stick one in the stockings of your littles.board book

For the middle grade reader, The Green Ember series, while a few years old (the first novel was published in 2014), may still be new to some of you. Stylistically, it has been described by one reviewer as “something that reminded me, powerfully, of Edith Nesbit, CS Lewis, and George MacDonald - while being something completely different at the same time.” For me, it is Redwall meets The Wingfeather Saga. If your child enjoys hero stories with animals as characters and a little magic thrown in, this set of books will be appreciated.

If your family relishes listening as much or more than reading, you absolutely must hear the Focus on the Family radio theater versions of classic tales. Again, nothing new here, but still some of the best audio versions available, especially The Chronicles of Narnia. My younger boys had the entire The Horse and His Boy memorized before they were able to read.

Readers of almost any age will appreciate one of these gorgeous leather bookmarks.

The church presented a Kids Read Truth (a part of She [and He] Reads Truth) worship art journal to the middle elementary kids this year at promotion, but the ministry has two more art journals that would make a great gift to foster spiritual growth in your reading child. The I Will Thank You journal “gives kids 35 ways and reasons to thank God. Each day includes a short verse that kids can copy, then a creative art prompt for them to use to respond to God.”Kids Read Truth

You can encourage your older kids’ prayer life with one of these prompted journals. Set up to be used monthly with different sections for friends, family, future, etc…, you could grab one for your son or daughter and have monthly dates where you look back at what God did the previous month and prep for the current one.

For some family fun during the upcoming colder months, how about a little Hot Potato with the younger ones? And here’s something for the whole gang: Beat the Parents.Beat the Parents “Find out who’s really the boss in the family - the kids or the parents - as parents are asked questions most kids can answer, and the kids are asked questions most parents can answer. Do the grown-ups know what school Harry Potter attends? Can the kids guess how many C’s are in the word cappuccino? And there are challenges to be taken on by both teams. The first player or team to cross the board with all of their tokens wins the game. You could up the competition by having a set “penalty” for the losers (must do the others chores for a day, has to buy ice cream for the other team, etc…) Best price at Target.

Let me know if you end up using one of these for someone in your family. But even if you don’t, may your gift giving and receiving reflect the love of the Lord Jesus who gave himself in obedience to the Father on our behalf. Merry Christmas!

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